By agreeing to this affirmation of eligibility statement, I confirm that I am eligible to attend a defensive driving course in Idaho for point removal from my driving record. I understand that "eligibility" includes the following criteria: I have not attended an Idaho defensive driving course for point reduction on any violation dated within the past 12 months. Additionally, I am not currently registered for, nor do I plan to attend, any other defensive driving course for point removal during this period.

I acknowledge my responsibility to ensure my eligibility by agreeing to this statement. If it is later determined that I was not eligible for point removal for this violation, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will not remove points from my driving record, and I will not be refunded any fees paid for the course. If found ineligible, I will be responsible for managing my points and driving record through the appropriate legal and administrative channels.

Completing this defensive driving course entitles me to a reduction of three points from my driving record, as regulated by ITD, once every three years. This point reduction helps avoid potential suspensions due to point accumulation. (If you prefer to maintain your current point total for future reduction opportunities, consider your eligibility and the timing of taking this course.)