Defensive Driving America (DDA) offers distance-based educational technology/learning management systems for academic institutions. DDA facilitates online programs by easing the process of digital integration for instructors & optimizing curriculums for students.

Educators provide course material/structure, our staff can assist in the setup, registration, & maintenance of classes. These online courses are capable of presenting the material as well as testing students. Teachers are then able to digitally access student logs, easing the grading process, or make adjustments to their classes as they see necessary with full support from DDA.

Digital learning is capable of stimulus beyond traditional learning methodologies such as manual, textbook, or classroom-based instruction. Our computer-based education programs can present the same content as printed learning materials, but with additional rich media, including videos or animations, embedded in courses to enhance the learning experience. 

Online & blended learning can aid student’s acclimation to digital learning, preparing them for higher levels of education, such as traditional universities that are increasingly more dependent on internet/computer based instruction. Additionally, our training management systems aid professional development & training settings. 

DDA can support both online & blended learning programs. Our online distance learning programs can be a great complement to traditional brick & mortar education, giving both teachers & students control over time, place, path, or pace via computer-mediated methods for content & delivery.


As schools continue to close across the country in response to Covid-19, Defensive Driving America can assist students in keeping on track academically. As an online education company, we can aid schools, instructors, and students, by providing resources/solutions, keeping our communities safe.